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King 0f kabaddi – Team India

India win kabaddi world cup

Congrats to team India defeating Iran in the kabaddi final and becoming the king of Kabaddi by winning the KWC, 2016.

The redid and repaired Kabaddi World Cup had an amazing finale in Ahmedabad on Saturday night, after an exciting last that saw has India deliver best class kabaddi to conquer Iran 38-29. A long way from the four-day stifled undertakings that the past Kabaddi World Cups used to be, the 2016 release was another 16-day spectacle.

By thrashing Iran in the final of kabaddi world cup, 2016. Indian kabaddi team became seven time world champion of kabaddi. Other than India no other team is able to achieve this success in kabaddi sport world. It’s seems, that it is very difficult to defeat India in the kabaddi.

It seem’s that, few things will never show signs of change, and India’s kabaddi matchless quality is surely one of these. Anup Kumar’s side, viewed as lethal top choices to lift their third World Cup, did as such in earnest form. In any case, doing as such against an Iran side that played the match of their lifetimes has a shocking feel about it.

In the first half, everyone was scandalized by the performance of the Irani’s. Because they didn’t allowed the Indian team to take the huge lead. At the stage of first half, Irani’s wre having a good controlled over Indian team and was leading with 18-13 leaving Indian fans shocked.

They did little wrong after the break, but a certain Ajay Thakur, one of India’s all-time great raiders, had the half of his career. A two-point raid from Thakur early in the second half provided the spark India were looking for, and that was enough for the hosts to stamp their class on the occasion.

India were motivated by Ajay Thakur’s class, and helpful commitments from Tomar and Surjeet in the second half observed Iran off. As unit hosts were not at the best on Saturday, but individuals brightness was sufficient to see them through. Captain Anup Kumar recognized Thakur’s esteem. “Ajay changed the entire diversion. I feel this is a result of him that we’ve won,” Kumar said, highlighting the effect of Thakur’s 12 assault focuses with regards to the game.

Be that as it may, in spite of not being getting it done, India finished the competition as the best on the planet. The hosts scored 224 strike focuses, 69 more than second best. They additionally drove handle point diagrams with 102, 19 superior to Iran’s 83, without really hitting their pinnacle.

Iran must ponder what they should do to get one over this Indian side. Until further notice, they need to live with the way that India are miles in front of whatever is left of the world in the game, and even their best execution may not help them beat India.

This World Cup win was just another proof of India’s supremacy in kabaddi. Iran and the rest of the could do with learning something from this, but at least for the time being, it’s a reality that they must accept.

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